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2022 Annual Report

Beyond the Box recently completed our 2022 Annual Report highlighting the work of our community, our successes, and what we hope to accomplish in the approaching New Year. We hope you feel as proud of the work as we do, and we encourage you to read our report. 

Thank you for all the support this year, and we look forward to continue promoting positive change in 2023. 

Beyond the Box Team Visiting Students!

What is the "Box"?

The BOX is what people convicted of a felony must check in order to gain employment, education, or housing. However, more than anything, this box has been seen as an obstacle to rehabilitation. 

How Can I Help?

There are many ways to help  go "Beyond the Box" in Georgia. Head to our "Take Action" page to learn more about volunteering, educating, and sharing this movement. 

As Seen In

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Savannah Business Journal

"By promoting equal access to education, Georgia has an opportunity to significantly lower the prison population."

SBJ Logo.png

Savanna Business Journal

"Studies on criminal history background checks in college admissions have found no evidence that they improve campus safety; there is strong evidence, however, that promoting access to education improves public safety and creates opportunities for system-impacted students, their families, and their communities. "


Closer Look

WABE's Closer Look with Rose Scott invited Beyond the Box leaders to share their experience and progress with accessibility to education in Georgia.

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